The 30-Firsts Project

This 2014, I am turning 30. So, I am throwing myself into this craziness I call The 30-Firsts Project. 30 things, I want to do or not do, make, go, have. Whatever. For the first time. From the simple things to highly impossible ones. Who knows.

And here's what I got so far from my own vivid imagination and some suggestions and ideas from friends - divided between Planned and Unplanned (took place instantaneously as part of my daily life and/or travel).

1. Solo dayhike - I'm looking at Batulao or Mt Pico. Take note, it should be SOLO, by myself (ok, with a guide, for safety reasons)

2. Ride our very own PNR trains - it's intriguingly interesting even when they were still dilapidated. Now that they were renewed and some new units are operating, It makes me want it more.

3. A formal driving class - The 1st driving 'class' i had was with Pops when I was 8 on a motorcycle, and we went straight to banana trees. I am confident with 2 wheels but not that much on 4.

4. Some piano lessons - Actually, I can settle with getting the instrument and learn by my own. That's how I did with guitar. I remember I borrowed a friend's electronic Organ and figured out Five for Fighting's Superman. 

5. Surf, surf, surf! - Who doesn't want? It's like walking on the ocean with a glide.

6. Cook Paella - Yum!

7. A Para-sail selfie - Let's see how this will look like. I had a nice snorkel-selfie few months back.

8. Outdoor rock climb/rappel - I did indoor. Nothing beats the natural feel.

9. Buy Lottery ticket...everyday, for a month - hoping to be instant millionaire so I can travel the world.

10. Cliff-diving - Hmmm, it's been on my list ever since I learned about Ariel's Point in Boracay. And for the several times I visited the island, I always miss it.

11. No pork or red meat in one month - A big test for me. No, don't take away rice, puhleease. That would be suicide to deprive me of both.

12. Negative temperature  - Oh yeah, not just negative but freezing -30 degrees celcius! Ice and snow fun. I also had my first swoosh on an ice-sculpted slide. Here's more about it.

13. Hospitalized for a week - Measles struck me, the serious one. It is not the good kind of firsts but definitely a highlight in my 3-decade of existence.

14. Down Under Encounter - No fancy itinerary, it was a business trip, short-noticed and even compromised my personal booked/planned travel to Taipei. Melbourne is a rustic, elegant city, an on-going battle of the old and new, peaceful and chaotic at the same time. I hope I get to come back to get to know the place more and visit the glamorous Sydney as well. Write-up soon.

15. An expensive, good purchase -It was only 10grand+ in Pesoc yet to my standard yes, it was a pricey buy. Maybe perhaps because I paid it in cash. I didn't have a doubt when I made the purchase. And now it's giving me that much comfort.

This mark means it's completed.

To be continued..... Keep checking back.


  1. Visit Mount Fuji!!!

  2. thanks for the suggestion. Definitely on my list but not this year. Soon hopefully. Im tryin to have the 30 accomplished this year. :)


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