That Perfect Day...Someday

The altar is on a platform between the sand and the sea with the sky as the background.

The walls and ceilings are covered with vines and small yellow flowers and butterflies.

The seats are all wooden but cushioned.

The little princesses shall look like tinker bells in their green dress with star wand and basket of flowers dashing in their cute silver wings.

The small mighty princes will not copy peter pan but their pants will, coupled with a cool tee in a silver jumper band and a little woven hat.

The maids in baby yellow silk gown looking fresh with pretty flower headdress.

The hunky misters on their cropped off-white trousers, a long-sleeved white Hawaiian barong will look more charming with loose collars of little yellow flowers.

The god-parents will be in their ecru/white/off-white/beige summer dresses and shades looking refreshing, young and hip.

The guests will wear the souvenir necklace of green leaves and yellow flowers while the kids shall have the baby breath version.

The entrance of all participants will be from the wooden pathway leading to their designated seats with smooth reggae music in the air.

The rightful prince shall descend through a rope from the aero-copter like 007 and to the platform stretching out to the waters floating and covered with wild vines and white flowers.

The beautiful, lucky princess shall disembark from a white yacht  in a free-flowing white dress with a green headdress as if a crown holding that veil shadowing her pretty face while in her hands is an elegant bouquet of yellow roses perfect as she walks through the dancing walkway towards her prince.

The music is a serenade from a cello bass and a string quartet with songs of their favorite remade from alternative, pop and duets.

The ceremony is timed to complete right as the orange sun slowly kissing the horizon and the party shall then begin.

The celebration takes place just beside where the ceremony was held only hidden by a man-made tall hedges with floors of fine crystal sand and the center love table sitting at the center of the pool where lit small boats and green and yellow petals afloat and behind them is a cascading water falls.

The menu is varied - a maki and salad counter, fresh seafood buffet with do-it-yourself grilling at every table, the classic meats and baskets of sweet tropical fruits with option to add milk or cream or turn into fantastic shakes.

The bar will be open and overflowing with a sparkling wine fountain as the centerpiece but hard drinks shall be off the counter to keep everyone up on their feet while the party is going on.

The rituals will not be fixed that the host or the partners shall have the options to put a twist on it or simply not do it at all.

The beat shall be provided by jamaican soul and acoustic drama that will stay all night until the last guest standing.

The couples' getaway is a love boat signaled by a five-minute pyro-dancing in the sky and the wondrous night completely belonged to the two and shall drift away.

The perfect day...someday...this way.

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