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It is not usually automatic that I do the act at every place I go, it depends on the big M - mood. This is just crazy posting my captured hundred of pounds of fats floating in air, haha. But it's fun and funny at the same time. It's my page anyway, so why not. 

Most of all no jump shot is good if not without a great photographer.



It started with this shot taken in the rolling hills of Batanes, Northern Philippines.

Because my friends find this pose cute, we did a group picture. It wasn't a disaster, at least not to everyone but a hilarious experience to one. 


China Edition
Left: Ala Kung-fu on one of the ancient drums in Drum Tower, Xian (2012)

Right: On top of the amazing Great Wall in Badaling near Beijing (2010)


This is one of my favorites, with the best sunset, in the best beach hence, a best shot. Boracay, Philippines


From Visayas, down south Mindanao. An island off the coast of Davao City that the locals called IGaCoS or Island Garden City of Samal.

A few extra km (11km) on the bus from the port of Babak, a little 
ride on a tricycle in Penaplata and several steps down a slippery slope is this multi-tiered falls, Hagimit.


Palawan Island Series

At the dock of Matinloc Shrine in one of the wonderful islands of El Nido


It's not as effortless as it looks. Even though she is a little kiddo, man, gravity is no way you can cheat that easy. 

Taken at the boat drop off going to one of the newly declared 7 wonders of nature - the Underground River in Puerto Princesa.


No scripted jump here. We were having fun jumping off from our pretty boat - Prince II of the Indochina Junk to the 18 degC waters of Halong Bay. Brrrrrrrrr......

2012 Vietnam


Jump shot? Running shot? Running jump shot!!!

Bff took almost 10 shots of same concept but in the end this first shot was the better-est. Oh, sweat.

At the stunning temples of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

More jump shots to come....

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