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Getting a Tourist Visa - India

Citizens of the Philippines are one the eleven (11) countries granted by India for a Visa on Arrival (VOA) if entering through Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata Airports along with Finland, NZ, Vietnam, Myanmar, Japan, SG, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Cambodia and Laos. VOA is only granted to tourists for purposes of tourism, sight-seeing, casual meeting with friends and business visit and short medical treatment with a maximum period of thirty (30) days. Upon arrival at the designated ports of entry, one should present:

> passport with 6 months validity plus a photocopy
> 2 passport size photographs
> hotel booking confirmation
> return airline tickets
> USD60 visa fee

Otherwise, a visa should be applied as early as 2 months before departure. For Philippines, the processing is being handled by a third-party contractor - BLS International. 

Office Address:
601-A, One Corporate Plaza,
Arnaiz Avenue,
Makati City, Philippines 
(BDO Bldg in front)

Contact No.
+63 2 555 50506; 
+63 2 478-9152 (telefax)


Submission Timing:
9:00AM to 12:00Noon

Delivery Timing:
4:30PM to 5:30PM

Requirements same as mentioned above plus:

> completely filled-out application form or via online application. all fields that are not applicable should be marked "NO"

> bank certificate/statement or print-out of online banking with balance of at least Php50,000.00 (the amount should be sufficient to cover your expenses during your whole trip)

> letter addressed to the embassy stating purpose and length of travel. (or invitation letter from sponsor if applicable)

Visa fee is Php2,210.00 (up to 6 months stay) plus Php148.00 for service charge. Table of fees here.

BLS personnel will advise if documents are sufficient or complete but will not guarantee approval. All submitted documents will be forwarded to the Indian Embassy at Dasmarinas Village however, releasing will still be at the BLS office.

Visa processing takes 4-5 days. An SMS will be received once passport/visa is available or ready for release. A reference code will also be provided and can be used to track visa status at BLS site.

No need to appear in person upon application, an authorization letter with your valid ID  should be on hand with your representative and the same during the release of your passport/visa.

Good luck!

Source: BLS International

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