Tuesday, 24 September 2013

An Island I Just Came to Know - Cagbalete

I cannot exactly recall how I heard of the place. All I can remember was a long good weekend was commencing which means a good chance for some hibernation. Everyone was hitting the road and I was there at my work station almost by myself, paper-drowned and feeling the urge to shy off from the modern jungle. This can't be happening I said. So, I hit on my friendly go-to-guy Mr Google, made some calls, arranged on some things and three hours after, I was aboard a wifi-capable bus with three others who were that willing in a snap rolling down south unto the long stretch of the highway. One more bus hop after and a pumped-boat ride we arrived in an island I just came to know.

Island's beachfront

This is Cagbalete. A small dot off the coast of Mauban, Quezon. A community of mostly fishermen with its electricity running through gen-set during relevant hours to very few able-households and family including the four vacation houses in it including the one that we stayed in. 

boat transfer it is

and unending walk....

The resort is the usual on the facade - huts/small villas seated in a row, a restaurant, bermuda grasses, sunbathe benches and the beach. Yet it isn't the way it looked. The huts are unfurnished, no beds, no cabinets, no toilets and much more no AC; the resto was deserted, bar's closed, plates, pans, glass and saucers were tucked into the racks dusted as if civilization has abandoned it. The place was literally empty, quiet, alone, perfect.

Villa Cleofas. That's our toilet & bath at the bottom photo

And there we were with packs of food supplies in our hands still not without the fear of having an empty stomach filled up the resto's kitchen with chaotic motion, kling-klang on pots, disorganizing the dirty grill, letting the faucet spit and splash waters all over the sink and laughters, more and more of it. We moved around like it was ours. We grabbed the canoes and kayaked anywhere as if we owned it and strolled the unbelievably intriguing Bonsai island without a clue how it got there. Everything was almost at its raw state still and I just didn't care to question why. When it turned dark, it was just dark with the sound of beetles and crickets in the air in full concert. 

amazing solid expand of Bonsai island

exploring the island via kayak or walkin around

None has changed the next day we woke up except that the water rises on the beach and the Bonsai island seems floating as seen from afar. My intuitions were right after all 'coz my expectations were not in the view.

the best thing to do here - chill and chill

I did not promise the place that I will be back nor I said goodbye. Maybe the next time I'll get to see Cagbalete again, I may not recognize it anymore. But I did make one wish - that the people hold on to their wonder bliss and will remain "ignorant" of the modern world just 30 minutes away.

simple life

Visited: August 2012

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