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Sleeveless in Seattle

And there it was, at the end of a gentle highway of giant Christmas trees daydreaming for Jacob to burst out behind the crisp-smelling-green-giant lushes showing off his gorgeousness, hehe (it was 4 hours away from Forks) from the suburbs is the Emerald city of the West - Seattle. 

Before we beamed on the first city traffic light, we turned right at a quiet community and ran up what it seemed like never-ending, 45-degree hills that I was so having fun while my driver aka bestbud was freakin a little bit. I didn't know really where we were going though a wonderful skyline keeps peeking in between lined-up 2-storey houses as we ascended. And when the roads turned even, voila, the amazing view of Seattle skyline with the city skyscrapers, Space Needle standing tall and the magnificent-white-capped Mt Rainier. We were gracing the grounds of Kerry Park. We had quite a quiet time staring at this view while sitting on the edge.  Parking and the park itself are free.

couldn't say more

Okay, then we invaded the city. The sight from afar at Kerry Park apparently became a humongous structure right in front of me. It was almost a stiff-neck moment gazing up the rotating plate of Space Needle which was starting to illuminate as the orange sky turned darker. Unfortunately, we failed to experience sunset at the top. It was already dark when we got up there. The queue was unbelievably longer than we thought - roughly an hour. City landscape from above were not that astounding as expected but the experience made up for it.

the Space Needle at different times of the day

Right beside the infamous tower is Chihuly Garden & Glass. It's a special showcase of an internationally acclaimed artist named Dale Chihuly for all his glass artworks and concepts. There are exhibit halls, a glass house, of course the garden and a mini theater running a short story on Chihuly's beginnings and inspirations. Intricate glass pieces all around, brilliant colors, glamorous sets, classic and elegant results of imagination. I personally got mesmerized by the Persian ceiling and wished to have it installed in my room someday. The glass house, empty during our visit also serves as party venue has a perfect view of the Space Center at night in an unconventional angle. Shouldn't be missed. 

brilliant and colorful glass artworks

Space Needle, shot with back lying on the floor of the Glass house by Vaniedosa
At day time, especially on a weekend, Saturday most specifically, an energetic crowd usually gathers at a place called Pike Market. Another well known area of interest in the city. It's got the usual market stalls, spice shops, fresh seafood, an array of restaurants of international flavors, a fresh-smelling-outrageous Gum wall, graffiti, more art works along the streets and some intriguingly-weird-but-cool stores. Pike place is located beside the pier ideal for a relaxing sunset stroll with a pleasing view of the beautifully-lit Ferris wheel. By the way, the first ever Starbucks store is sitting in the area between Stewart St & Western Ave. 

1st SB logo; Market Center; Graffiti wall; Seaco Field; Boardwalk

need somethin' to chew?
Plus, a bonus witnessing a live baseball match with the Mariners is an incomparable and beautiful experience.

I think that's all we've went thru in Seattle with meager time. The rest were spent figuring out the one-way traffic, parking mania and walkin' around Macy's.

Oh, I almost forgot, it was the first time that I just didn't care wearing a sleeveless (nobody cared too), a tank top to be exact, while roaming around the city hence, Sleeveless in Seattle. :)

<-- the beautiful Persian Ceiling

Tickets for Space Needle and Chihuly can be bought altogether either online or on site. There are complimentary photos (c/o their official photographers) on both establishments which will be sent out to your personal email. A unique souvenir eh. Variety of pretty souvenir items can also be bought inside the shop at the base of the Space tower.

Visited: July 2013

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