Sunday, 21 June 2015

Getting a Tourist Visa - Japan

We, with a Philippine passport may not have been given the no-visa privilege when entering Japan (for now), a free visa fee and some leniency (compared to how it was couple of years back based on some friends accounts) are enough for now to secure a pass to probably see Mt Fuji up close and personal.

Please note that this is my personal visa application experience - for tourism purposes only and personally-funded. Other visit visa types would require a different set and/or additional documents.

Actual lodging of application at the Japanese Embassy here in the Philippines should be done thru an accredited travel agency. I sought Friendship Manila's service for a fair price of Php1200 single entry. They will be able to provide additional information too as to the other visa types.

It is simpler to comply with the requirements if you are a working individual. Requirements are:

  • Completely filled out Application Form - available at the agency office.
  • Certificate of Live Birth from NSO including the receipt obtained within 1 year. Have a photocopy. No need for this one if already issued sticker visa before.
  • Marriage certificate from NSO as well if married.
  • Withholding tax  certificate for most recent annual tax year (2316). Original copy and photocopy. No need for certificate of employment (COE)
  • Bank certificate. On personal opinion, the balance should be enough to cover the days of stay in Japan, probably $1000 a week
  • Detailed day-by-day itinerary. There is a blank form at Frienship office. I can share a sample by request
  • A 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm recent photo. Or simply ask the photo store it's for Japanese visa when taking your picture
  • And of course, passport of more than 6 months  from expiry and has at least 2 pages of available space.

No need to book air ticket as of yet if you are still waiting for that perfect promo fare. It is not needed in the visa process anyway.

That's it. Submit all these to your chosen travel agency and they will advise when will it be available for pick-up from their office. According to Friendship, it usually takes 7 working days, mine was ready after 3.

Excuse the photo :)

If there are any valid visas - US, Schengen, UK, Australia, it would help (for faster processing i think) to declare as well.

When you finally have the sticker, confirm your booking, pick your hotel/s, pack your bags and off you go!

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