Saturday, 2 February 2013

First Timers Notes and Tips: Hongkong

If it's your first time, definitely there are lots learnt. So I just wanna share them to make it a better Hongkong trip for other first-timers like me.

1. Maps and other brochures are available at the airport for FREE so just grab all you want.
2. There's an airport express train from the airport to the city or take the efficient bus if arriving after midnight.
3. Cheap stays are numerous around Tsim Sha Tsui area and location is very good for trains/buses.
4. Take their trains (MTR) in going around either to the amusement parks, outskirts and within the city. It operates from 0600H to 0100H daily. Getting the promo passes like tourist day-pass or week-pass is cost efficient. Here's the map for your reference.

5. Change money inside malls/terminals only and never to the small stalls along the streets as they have incredibly lower exchange and they won't give back your money when you decided not to push thru.
6. While it is a perfect location shoot at the Harbor Bay at night, it is recommended to go back during the day time for a different perspective of the area.
7. Cheap, clean and tasty local restaurants are behind the prominent buildings so just ask around (there's one beside Kowloon Park).
8. Aside from several night markets in Hongkong, the city is also famous for shopping. Instead of heading to the high-end shops, there are outlet stores or depots around Tsim Sha Tsui or the one in Tung Chung station.
9. There will be heavy walking especially at the interchanges of the train service so walking shoes or rubber shoes or anything comfortable is highly suggested.
10. Always bring your own hydrate most specially if you got a sensitive stomach like me.

Most of all, just have fun. Take those crazy jump shots, run to catch the last train or store closing, taste that sidewalk food and never forget to secure that souvenir(s) you ought to bring back home that will remind you of the wondrous journey you had.

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