Saturday, 2 February 2013

HK: My First

Growing up, I had certain expectations when going abroad, that in 2009 when I made my first leap outside the archipelago, I was excited for a snow or at least a chill, changing-color trees, outrageous structures and very English-speaking people. But I was nowhere far. I was in Hongkong in an autumn and I was disappointed, just momentarily, because the city is more than the words scribed in my scented stationary.

The themed-train from the city going to this resort was a treat igniting that excitement I was trying not to show. I knew we will be entering into another world, the world of fantasy and I had that child-like feeling that the moment the train doors open, I'd burst and run to the gates with a big smile on my face. I didn't literally do just that though, my other buddy did.

For one whole day I was a kid again amazed seeing in live those characters I used to just see in the television. I was in dreamland with the disney stars that even though I know were only costumes, were alive in my twinkling eyes. It was a day in a story book where laughters and splash of waters were real. I left my kid-heart in Disneyland.

And the surprises continued. When you were transported by an old-looking trolley car eventually called tram sometimes reclining you at 45degrees up to the top of the city with its shining shimmering skyline awaiting, it couldn't be more magical. The city looked smaller that it fit into your vision as it illuminates. 

It was also the first time that I appreciated the efficiency and convenience of city trains in spite of loooong walks on interchanges. This technology marvel led us to places like the Victoria Harbour, Causeway Bay, shopping depots and helped us made our way home to our hostel safer even in the wee hours of the night.

Yet no matter how the modern world engulfed the city, it never turned its back from where and who it is. The towering Buddha in Lantau Island and monasteries like Po Lin  are a few of the solid proofs of that ingrained Chinese blood. Not to mention as well that rich culture pulsating from a palate experience of the local cuisines outnumbering and out-flavoring what the west have brought.

There are more to see and to experience in the bustling city but the three exhausting yet action-packed days has overwhelmed me enough to conclude that my first time to step out of my empty shell was a perfectly-timed blast.

I may have not met my expectations and ticked very few of my first-timer's check list but I learned a lot. And that journey was just the beginning of less expectations and more adventures ahead.

Simple notes here.

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