Saturday, 2 February 2013

Regretting (we only had) a day in Macau

It was sweat-less to reach Macau from Hongkong. I have heard of the place rarely so I had no idea that it was even previously colonized by the Portuguese for quite a while. It was very evident then seeing its alleys, cobblestones and the accents of the buildings around. And not far away from the astounding facade or remaining wall of the ruins of St. Paul and the bustling shops at the Senado square lies little sin city.

At The Hotel Venetian Macao
Macau has also become a hub of the risk-takers who juggle their fortunes to gather more. This made the casinos a big thing in this small island off the Chinese territory. What else to mention but the magnificent Hotel Venetian which also happens to be the sixth largest building in the world by floor space. A staggering 10.5 million square feet of a re-creation of the Venice and most of all the largest casino in the world. We were no gamblers nor fortune junkies but we were hooked. Blame it all on this piece of man-made marvel.

Yet do not mistake the colorful running lights with what the city really is. Because in this island is also a haven for the adrenaline-rushers. You can jump into the air on the Macao Tower 338 meters high with only a rope tied into your leg or maybe a less nerve-wracking climb up the tower like Spidey.

The city is still a work in progress during our visit and from the looks at it I bet there's more to come. We  haven't even seen the true Macau nor the other significant parts of it because we only spared a day for it, a decision we regretted. Despite, it could also be a sign that I am going back there, explore more, stay a little longer, drive around in scooter, try my luck at the casino and eventually be hooked all over again.

Visited: 2009 August

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